Sit down, stand up, or run-n-gun, I've recorded some of state's most notable movers and shakers.

Indie/Short Film

It's what I went to school for. Great audio informs great pictures. 


Gators, cougars, giant snakes, ligers, bears, panthers, if it makes a noise, I'm there with a mic to get it.


Critical situations require no-fail capabilities. Hurricanes, oil spills, forest fires -when there's one chance to get the audio, I make sure we don't waste it.

Kit 1: 

Sound Devices 633

Schopes CMIT 5U

2 Lectrosonics SRc/SMV

Countryman B6 Lavs

Kit 2:

Sound Devices Mix Pre 10

Sanken CSM1

4Lectrosonics SRc/SMV

Countryman B6 Lavs


Ambisonics Audio: 


Sound Devices Mix Pre 10

Sennheiser Ambeo

Cabling and accessories


Sound Devices 633

Lectrosonics SRc/SMV

Countryman B6 Lavs

Cedar DNS-2

Happy Clients

Discovery Family Channels, ESPN, A&E, BBC, MTV, National Geographic Explorer, Speed, Cornell University, Scotland Yard, Florida Natural Orange Juice, COPS, State of Florida Emergency Ops, NBC, Tampa History Center, The Weather Channel, FOX Sports Net, Disney, United States Coast Guard, Raytheon, Gatorade, Home Shopping Network, Orensis Films, Triforce Pictures, Monadanock Media, Elephant Cinema, Tampa Digital, Ringling College of Art and Design, Ark Media, New Wave Entertainment, Cabin Creek Films, Facebook Watch, Rana Labs, HBO

About me.

I grew up in Miami during the days of the Cocaine Cowboys and Cigarette boats...Miami was a pretty rough place....READ MORE

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